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Dynaset De-icing Technology provides fast, highly automated and cost effective modules for spreading de-icing fluids to remove ice or prevent icing.

• Base Machines: All standard commercial trucks and tractors
• Applications: Roads, parking lots, runways, aircrafts etc.
• Features: Spraying adjusted automatically according to vehicle speed, usage documentation, easy user interface, additional spraying pistol and hose reel
• Benefits: Optimal fluid consumption (g/ m2 ) with all vehicle speed levels, high pressure spraying system ensures even de-icer coverage, the system is powered by hydraulics; extra engines or fuel aren’t needed, zero emissions


  1. DYNASET HVO HYDRAULIC POWER TAKE OFF (PTO) HVO takes power out of engine even when there isn’t PTO available. It is suitable for all vehicle brands and saves a lot of space from a vehicle. Dynaset hydraulic variable high speed pump rotates freely without noise and can be used from idle to full power. HVO includes e.g.
    • Hydraulic LS-pump with PTO (power take off)
    • Cooled oil tank with return line filter, temperature and oil level switches
  2. AUTOMATIC HYDRAULIC SPRAYING SYSTEM The automatic high pressure system sprays de-icer efficiently and adjusts fluid consumption according the vehicle speed level. Operator controls the system with easy user interface from the vehicle’s cabin. The system includes e.g.
    • HPW hydraulic high pressure fluid pump, hydraulic components
    • Spraying nozzles, nozzle pipes, spraying pistol and hose reel
    • User friendly interface with memory card, flash and USB drives
    • Usage reports and thermal printer
  3. FLUID TANKS Dynaset provides various kinds of fluid tanks for de-icer based on customer’s and application’s requirements. Fluid tank includes e.g.
    • De-icer fluid tank (e.g. 8500l, chemical resist composite)
    • Suction filter
    • 3” drain valve
    • Maintenance bridge
    • Two level switches and level measurement sensor
  4. AUTOMATIC HYDRAULIC BOOM SYSTEM Automatic hydraulic boom system for vehicles has stabilizer and lift to ensure the boom is aligned horizontally during de-icing work. The system has various working widths starting from few meters to cover even biggest runways and road surfaces. It automatically switches between transport and different working positions. The system includes e.g.
    • Hydraulic operated boom
    • Warning lights
  5. EXPERTICE Dynaset is familiar with all hydraulic systems and has a lot of experience of integration with different vehicle brands such as Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Mack etc. The company provides de-icing modules and installations based on customers’ needs. The modules are applied for different purposes e.g. de-icing aircraft wings. The Dynaset hydraulic powered equipment has the World’s best power-to-size ratio which guarantees the easiest on-board installation on all machines.

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